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As a nurse consultant and nurse life care planner, I offer specialized skills to assist attorneys with their medical-related cases, such as personal injury, medical malpractice, and Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs). Some of these services include:

• Life Care Planning for persons with a catastrophic injury/chronic illness
• Medical Cost Projections based on medical team collaboration
• Medical Record fact witness testimony
• Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs)
• IME/DME Attendance
• Location of expert witnesses
• Report Development appropriate for your case

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Services We Offer

Medical Record Review

We review and analyze all medical records to screen for merit and summarize for your case.

Expert Witnesses Services

As a Nurse Life Care Planner can attend depositions or testify in court to defend life care plans we develop.

Medical Cost Projections

Medical Cost Projections are forecast of reasonable and likely future medical costs for an individual claim. You can use the projection to help set reserves and proactively plan for settlement.

Life Care Plans

Life Care Plan is a tool to estimate the medical and non-medical needs and associated costs for a person with catastrophic injury.

Medicare Set Asides

Medicare Set-Asides services address Worker’s Compensation claims to ensure compliance with Medicare as a Secondary Payer Act.


We can provide a wide varied of brief to comprehensive reports, summaries, chronologies for all your settlement or trial needs.

Life Care Plan Contributes to a $12 Million Dollar Jury Verdict

Mila Carlson and Associates provided a life care plan and associated expert assistance for my law firm in the case of Fox v. Barnes et al. In addition to researching and formulating the plan, Dr. Carlson also testified at a deposition and at trial. The jury verdict was for Plaintiff and the award was $11 million in compensatory damages as well as $1 million in punitive damages, which was the approximate amount of Dr. Carlson’s life care plan when reduced to present value.
I observed Dr. Carlson to be very knowledgeable on the topic of life care plans and all indications are that the jury found her to be very credible. She was also very responsive to my firm’s requests for information and explanation as we prepared for trial. I can also say that, on a personal level, she was also a pleasure to work with.

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